Whose voices need amplifying in the West of Ireland?

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I am engaged in some work in the West of Ireland  and I would like your help please  with a question. Here is the background.

The longer I engage with issues in the West of Ireland the more I realise that few can claim to speak on its behalf.  I ask instead who is out there already speaking or wishing to speak and not being heard? Who are the people who want their voices amplified so that enough people can hear them? What do we need to be listening out for? What voices are we not hearing?

What right have I to say the West needs…? The East needs?  What right have I to propose solutions when I have no idea whether there are other people out there with much more important issues to raise?

I would like you to answer one simple question. Whose voices need amplifying? Your answer can be from any angle of life – cultural, social, spiritual, personal or economic. The only focus I want to you to apply is to think of people living in or connected to the West of Ireland now or possibly in the future.

Please send your reply to me at liamscollan@gmail.com or on the facebook post

Thank you.