Project Description

Facilitating 140 local people to draw together a rural vision and win funding of €2.3m for a remote working hub, crafts facility and youth hub. The project involves the restoration and fit-out of two abandoned railway station buildings to create a 21st century coming together of people in one creative space.

Rural Ireland was once a thriving place and this projects uses that heritage to transform a town’s vision of itself.

Ballinamore was once a place where tradespeople and entrepreneurs came together, created industries, built canals and railways and fused a connection point for people travelling north, south, east and west. These connection points were the Ballinamore – Ballyconnell Canal, which linked Ireland’s two major waterways (Shannon and Erne), and the Ballinamore railway junction that connected the southern Great Western Railway (Dublin –Sligo) to the Great Northern railway.

We name this proposal “The Junction” because it is located on the site of the former hub of Ballinamore’s success, the railway junction. We then fused  together the potential of this part of Leitrim to stimulate business, create jobs and attract people to live and enjoy a rural and vibrant quality of life. Ballinamore has the  ability to reinvent itself as a hub for rural regeneration.