Project Description

An interview that changes your life

What you will end up doing for a significant part of your life can often depend on two hours; the time you spend writing an application and performing at interview.   I am sharing the six worst and best examples of the job application and interview process I’ve come across in 2017 for you to read below.

2017 has been a busy year for me in the application and interview coaching field and in chairing and conducting interviews. The interviews were based all over Ireland from Dublin and Galway to Sligo and Leitrim.  The coaching was both within Ireland and for people abroad applying for work in Ireland.

Six common mistakes


Too full of jargon so that it is hard to distinguish from all the other applications with the same jargon.

Difficult to read, with different typefaces and repetition or cut-and-paste from one piece of employment history to another.

The applicant does not speak to the level of their achievements.


Does not appear to have read up on the organisation or found sufficient background on the job itself

In the case of Skype interviews – not having a background noise-free location

Dressing inappropriately

Six strong qualities


Has an introduction that is impressive, different and draws you in.

Focuses on the actual job or organisation being applied for and aiming the pitch accordingly.

Contains relevant and precise information


Makes a strong confident start

Has clearly worked out at least three key selling points and manages to get these across

Is providing strong, practical evidence to support responses to questions

“Just wanted to let you know that as seems to happen every time I have a session with you, I seem to have undergone somewhat of a paradigm shift that leaves me light, brighter and more sure of myself”

Coaching client 2018

“What impressed me about Liam was his impact and effort, his blended delivery included breaks and examples that could be adapted to other situations. I found the day enjoyable and useful”

Community Group Facilitation 2018

“I found it incredibly useful.  Really enjoyed our session.  Am definitely on a journey and loving every moment!”

Coaching client 2019

“The results achieved by the airport in terms of passenger numbers and connections to the West have been phenomenal. You can be proud of all that you have achieved”

Leo Varadkar , Taoiseach

“Liam Scollan is an excellent facilitator and excellent at applying the topics covered to real situations. The thing I most liked was the open discussion of topics and the communal pooling of ideas”

Facilitation participant 2019
“You can look back on the last ten years with considerable pride in a remarkable achievement of overcoming all the odds in maintaining the viability of a provincial airport in rural Ireland.”
Michael Cawley, Former Deputy Chief Executive, Ryanair

“The session was very helpful in terms of enabling me to think more strategically about how I work.  With best wishes and thanks again for what was an enlightening and enjoyable session.”

Coaching client 2019
I hired Liam Scollan to plan the development of a World Centre for Yeats in in 2014/15. His vision for this major arts and tourism project was outstanding. He was excellent in enabling many different interests from business to arts and public sector to work together. I found him easy to work with and recommend him highly to any group who have ambition to get a major project off the ground.
Tom Daly, Businessman

“Received good news yesterday that I was successful in the final interview and will be promoted. Again the chat with you was really useful for which many thanks”

Interview coaching client 2018

Liam was engaged by the board of an educational trust to assist in the biggest undertaking the trust  had ever undertaken which involved moving one of its schools from its city centre location to a new home quite a distance away. The project was very complex involving a myriad of stake holders with diverse agendas thus not only was considerable project management expertise required but also excellent people management skills were needed.  Liam provided both of these in abundance and was also of considerable assistance to the board in helping it with its strategic thinking and governance.

Professor Brendan Tangney, Chair of John Scottus Educational Trust

Cootehall Community Development Group had the pleasure of securing the professional services of Liam Scollan to facilitate the process of developing the Cootehall Village Plan during the Spring of 2017.  The final report was a testimony to his ability to motivate and to nurture input from the many participants at the public meetings. Liam communicated regularly with the core group on next steps and we now have an ambitious, yet highly achievable Village plan, both for the short and medium term.  Thank you Liam.

Maurice Gannon, Chairperson, Cootehall Development Association

Keadue Development Association wishes to highly commend Liam Scollan for his work on the comprehensive Priority Plan for the village of Keadue in future years.

His cooperation and consultation with all organisations in the village in the preparation of the plan, his dedication and attention to detail in all aspects of the work and his amenable disposition are deeply appreciated.

Liam Scollan was chosen by us to prepare the plan and we are very pleased with the decision we made.

We would like to wish Liam great success in all his future projects.

Keadue Development Association