About Me

People are moving from lock-down to look-up and look-around, enabling people to look in the right places within themselves and their communities. I work with individuals who want to re-energise their lives and do what they truly aspire to. I facilitate and mentor voluntary groups and NGOs.

I am an ACC certified coach with the International Coach Federation, practising on-line and when Covid regulations permit, in person in Dublin and Sligo.

I was CEO of an international airport and prior to that headed up a government development agency, and other organisations. My career spans 30 years of enabling individuals, NGOs and others to realise their vision.

I am a parent, musician, health and wellbeing professional, writer and advocate and am passionate to plumb the depths of true potential in those I work with.

This month (May 2020) I will be working with about 80 groups online, each trying to figure out what how to respond to the realities of a post Covid-19 world. Likewise, the individuals I coach are moving deeper into a shift in their own attitudes to themselves and what they work at.

My clients come from all walks of life, individuals, government departments, NGOs, local authorities and development companies.

Whether you are looking down or up or in at this time I am here to bring my years of experience and professional training to you.