About Me

My work to-day is influenced strongly by my roots – having been brought up on a small Leitrim farm, engendering a sense of community, a need to adapt and extend horizons for myself and others.

There have been few limits to my horizons: starting rural co-operatives in the 1980s rural Ireland when there seemed no other way,  leading the regeneration of collapsing mining communities in the North of England, challenging government as a senior civil servant in the 1990s to change policies that effected my native west of Ireland and calling out ministers and senior civil servants when they failed in their responsibilities. In the early 2000s I turned an airport headed for failure  into a thriving success a decade later, helping scores of people to aim high and set up their own businesses,  challenging and also supporting boards of social enterprises I serve on to dispense with failed ways and embrace new horizons.

I could say I went to University, I started my career in community development, I grew into leadership roles in economic development, into CEO roles in the public and private sector.  But that would not tell you everything you need to know.

I am thankful for the amazing opportunities to realise the very best that I can do, the very best that 100s of others in my teams can do and seeing the amazing achievements of the people and organisations I have worked for.  Though experienced, I still work with a freshness, honesty and openness that engenders confidence and openness in others.

I want to tell you that I love what I do. Prepare to be challenged, supported, entertained and astounded at your own potential to achieve your dream for yourself, your business or the team or community you are part of. That is what you get for engaging me.

My recent clients  have included The National Ombudsman’s Office, Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade, Department of Agriculture, Trinity College, Leitrim and Sligo County Councils, LEADER Development Companies in Leitrim, Mayo and Sligo, Leitrim Warmer Homes, Limerick and Clare ETB, John Scottus Educational Trust.  In addition I have coached about 50 aspiring people in 2018.  My pro bono work is in the theatre and arts, human rights, and leadership in the voluntary sector.